ESCADA Summer Festival

Gute-Laune-Sommer-Feeling in Form einer Parfumflasche – genau das widerspiegelt dieser Duft für mich!

Ich muss zugeben, dass mich die Escada-Flakons nie wirklich angesprochen haben, da sie für mich zu “mädchenhaft” wirken. Dennoch habe ich mich bereits vor mehreren Jahren in ein Escada Parfum verliebt, als mir eines zu Weihnachten geschenkt wurde.

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I Heart Revolution | Tasty Palettes Pizza & Chilli – Review with Swatches

Food & Makeup – is there a better combination?

I Heart Revolution combined the two perfectly and came out with 6 different tasty palettes – each coming in a super cute packaging! There is definitely a palette for everyone as there are plenty of shade options!

  • Tasty Palette Popcorn (blue and purple shades)
  • Tasty Palette Coffee (neutral browns)
  • Tasty Palette Hot Dog (warm browns)
  • Tasty Palette Avocado (greens)
  • Tasty Palette Pizza (mix of neutrals and rather cool tones)
  • Tasty Palette Chilli (warm browns and reds) currently carries the Pizza and Chilli palettes, which is why I am here to review and swatch these two today! The Pizza palette contains mostly cool tones, whereas the Chilli palette offers lots of fiery warm browns and red/orange tones!

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I Heart Revolution – Tasty Palettes Pizza & Chilli – Erfahrungsbericht mit Swatches

Make-Up und Essen – gibt es eine bessere Kombination?!
I Heart Revolution hat beides perfekt miteinander vereint und dabei sechs verschiedene Tasty Paletten mit super süssen Verpackungen auf den Markt gebracht. Auch farbtechnisch ist da bestimmt für jeden etwas dabei:

  • Tasty Palette Popcorn (Blau- und Violetttöne)
  • Tasty Palette Coffee (neutrale Brauntöne)
  • Tasty Palette Hot Dog (warme Brauntöne)
  • Tasty Palette Avocado (Grüntöne)
  • Tasty Palette Pizza (Mix aus neutralen und eher kühleren Tönen)
  • Tasty Palette Chilli (warme Braun- und Rottöne)

Bei sind momentan die Pizza und Chilli Paletten erhältlich, weshalb ich euch diese etwas näher vorstellen möchte. Die Pizza Palette basiert auf eher kühleren Tönen, in der Chilli Palette findet man vorallem feurige, warme Farben.

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Wetnwild Color Icon 10 Pan “Rosé In The Air” Palette vs. ABH Modern Renaissance Palette – Review with Swatches


I have no idea why it took me so long to get my hands on the ever-so-popular Modern Renaissance Palette but I’m so glad I finally got on the bandwagon! However I’m always ready to find a great dupe.

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Review with Swatches | Selina Makeup – New Brand at!



After being absent on here for so long, I am finally back with a very exciting blogpost! Today we are going to discover Selina Makeup – a brand that is very dear to my heart!
My lovely friend Selina – known as @selinamakeup on Instagram – created her own lipsticks in collaboration with Falconi and I could not be prouder of what she has achieved!  Continue reading

Dermacol Make-Up Cover Foundation Review | World’s Most Full Coverage Foundation Tested!

After first applying it during my summer vacation I didn’t understand the hype about this foundation at all.

Now – 5 months later – I have definitely grown to love it! With a few tips and tricks it actually even becomes a little miracle worker and I’m here to tell you what steps you have to keep in mind.

A few months ago this foundation has been all over my Instagram feed always perfectly put in scene which made me extremely curious to try it myself. Unfortunately there are lots of fakes being sold and I was unsure where to order from. As soon as I found out that it was sold directly in Switzerland on I immediately had to have it.

As I’ve seen and read everywhere how intense the coverage is I started out with a tiny amount of foundation when I first applied it. As you can see – my “tiny” amount was still waay too much product!

Looking at my skin from a distance it looked absolutely flawless; but when I looked at it closely it looked extremely cakey! To apply it I used the Buffing Brush by Real Techniques which turned out to be a huge mistake since that brush didn’t really work out with the thick texture of the Dermacol Make-Up Cover Foundation. I wasn’t able to make it look anywhere near natural-looking.

Since then I have experimented a lot with this foundation and I’m finally ready to share some tips and tricks making it look really natural without losing the great coverage.

The brand Dermacol

Dermacol is a Czech brand which was actually founded back in the 60ies. The products were originally created for the film factory Barrandov Studio in Prague. Since everyone wants to look flawless in films and photos the Dermacol Make-up Cover Foundation contains 50% pigments which makes it so high coverage.

Price Point

On it retails for CHF 20.00.

In the US it really varies from seller to seller but it mostly retails for about 15$. Be careful if you find it for a lot cheaper, there are so many fake ones sold.

15$ may seem a little steep but if you consider how little product you actually use it is so worth it!

Shade selection

It it always kind of hard for me to find a good shade match for my really pale skin wih a neutral to yellow undertone. I’ve picked up the shade 208, which luckily turned out to be pale enough for me. Back in July it was even too light for me but now it fits me perfectly.

The shade selection isn’t too bad in general but it definitely lacks some really deep shades and also some yellow/olive undertones.


The foundation comes in a golden “toothpaste-looking” tube. I actually really like the packaging. It is great for travel since it is small, handy and not fragile.Dermacol Packaging


The texture is really thick, but still velvety and creamy.


Because of the moussy texture it applies way better using a beautyblender than using a brush. When I used it for the first time I decided on using the Buffing brush by Real Techniques. Since then I’ve only applied it with my dampened beautyblender which works perfectly fine!


Keep in mind: Less is more!

If you apply too much it gets harder to work into the skin and looks cakey really quickly.

The foundation works great with any sorts of primers (silicon, water-based, moisturizing etc.) though so you can costumize your base.


The foundation leaves a gorgeous satin finish. It isn’t matte by any means but it doesn’t look oily either; in my view it has a really natural finish. If you have oily skin I would probably use a mattifying base and set it with a powder. Even though I have dry skin I still set it with my Hourglass powder because if you do not set it it does transfer the tiniest bit when you touch your face. I set my face using a luminous powder to keep the luminous finish.

Tip: Definitely use a light podwer (f.ex Hourglass, FitMe etc. or a translucent powder without any added coverage) otherwise the foundation tends to look cakey really quickly.

Feeling on the skin

It has quite a lightweight feel on the skin which actually really surprised me because I expected a heavier feeling due to the high coverage. Of course the more product you use the heavier it feels on the skin.


A tiny amount of product is enough to cover redness, pimples and undereye circles.

Staying Power

As I mentioned before it isn’t completely transferproof but it only transfers the tiniest bit if you for example rest your head on your hands. It doesn’t disturb the foundation though and doesn’t leave any marks which I have experienced with other foundatons.  Apart from that it is extremely long-wearing and it even claims to be waterproof which I haven’t tested yet. I took to pictures showing you a little wear-test. The first one I took at 6 a.m. right after applying it, the second one shows it 17 (!) hours later right before taking it off! Of course it didn’t look perfect after such a long time, especially around my eyes it started to look pretty dry and settled into my fine lines. On the cheeks though it held up really nicely and even my bronzer and highlighter was still visible.

What makes it a miracle worker?

You probably wonder why I called this foundation a miracle worker in the beginning of this post. So far it sounds like a good foundation, which needs a lot of work though.

Well, I love it because of its changeability. Among other things I use it as:

  • – Concealer

Because of its super high coverage and the tiny amount you need it works perfectly as a concealer to hide pimples or dark circles under the eyes. I especially love to use the Make-Up Cover Foundation on No-Makeup makeup days when I don’t have a lot of time to spend on my makeup and just add some high-coverage concealer.

  • – BB-Cream

It also mixes really nicely with some drops of oil or a moisturizer to decrease the coverage or rather to create the coverage of a (still really opaque) BB-Cream. Besides that it also makes the foundation more liquidy which makes it easier and faster to spread out.

  • It increases the coverage of other foundations

I love to mix the Dermacol Make-Up Cover Foundation with other (less opaque) foundations. I f.ex use it with my Luminous Silk oder Vitalumiere Aqua foundation.

  • It increases the staying power of other foundations

That’s another reason I love to mix it in with my Luminous Silk foundation. I love that foundation because of its natural finish but it just doesn’t last long enough on my face. If I add just a tiny amount of the Dermacol foundation it increases the coverage a tiny bit and makes it last a lot longer.

In my view it especially comes down to the changeability which makes this foundation so special. If you ask me it is totally worth its price and hype. If you’re looking for a little miracle worker that you can use in many different ways, you can’t skip on this foundation.

Have you tried the Dermacol Make-Up Cover Foundation yet? Have you tried any other products by this brand or do you want me to test more products by Dermacol? I’d be more than happy to read your feedback in the comments down below! ❤

xoxo justanotherbeautyholic

*Disclaimer: The Dermacol Make-Up Cover Foundation was sent to me by Parfumcity for free to test and review on my blog.  All opinions are my own! ❤



Dermacol Make-Up Cover Foundation| Die deckendste Foundation der Welt?

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Review with Swatches | The Body Shop: Eye Color Sticks

A few weeks ago I recieved a package by  The Body Shop Switzerland including two of their new Eye Color Sticks. I got Nevada Gold and Siberian Quartz to try and review here on my blog. Thanks again for sending them my way!

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Review | Tony Moly: Strawberry & Choco Mushroom

Since I’m a sucker for cute packaging, Korean Beauty products always spoke to me. But believe it or not – I never actually tried a Korean Beauty Brand before!

Luckily some weeks ago, Anna from Niasha reached out to me and offered me to try some of her products. Thanks again for being so kind to me!
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