I Heart Revolution | Tasty Palettes Pizza & Chilli – Review with Swatches

Food & Makeup – is there a better combination?

I Heart Revolution combined the two perfectly and came out with 6 different tasty palettes – each coming in a super cute packaging! There is definitely a palette for everyone as there are plenty of shade options!

  • Tasty Palette Popcorn (blue and purple shades)
  • Tasty Palette Coffee (neutral browns)
  • Tasty Palette Hot Dog (warm browns)
  • Tasty Palette Avocado (greens)
  • Tasty Palette Pizza (mix of neutrals and rather cool tones)
  • Tasty Palette Chilli (warm browns and reds)

Parfumcity.ch currently carries the Pizza and Chilli palettes, which is why I am here to review and swatch these two today! The Pizza palette contains mostly cool tones, whereas the Chilli palette offers lots of fiery warm browns and red/orange tones!

Pizza Palette

Packaging and shade selection



The packaging is very out there and innovative! The palette is delivered in a pizza box and has a 3D pizza embossed on top. Even the shade names match the theme – every shade is named after a pizza topping.

The palette contains 18 shades in total, 8 mattes and 10 beautiful shimmers.


As I have only tried one palette by I Heart Revolution so far (you find the review here – it’s a fantastic Huda dupe!) I was very curious to see if the quality of the palettes are constantly this amazing and was excited to see if these palettes would make me fall in love just as fast as the Chocolate Rose Gold Palette did.

Apart from two mattes, all of the shades are incredibly pigmented and super easy to apply. They also blend out perfectly fine. “Margherita” and “Stone Baked” are the only shades that need to be built up a little more than the others as they are not as intensely pigmented. “Margherita” not being as intensely pigmented doesn’t bother me at all as I like my transition shades to fade into the other shades. However if you want the shade to be more intense it builds up really easily. Same goes for “Stone Baked”- again no problem on my side as the shade is really dark and it not being super pigmented makes it easier to work with. All of the other mattes are extremely pigmented which is why they are a bit more powdery. The fallout isn’t too bad though and the eyeshadows blend perfectly fine.

The shimmers have surprised me once again! Especially “Marinara”, “Stuffed Crust”, “Slice” und “Neapolitan” are absolutely amazing! They are super intense and apply like butter. “Chicago” was the only shade that could not keep up with the others – it’s more of a matte shade with glitter particles.

Looking at the shimmers in the pan they seem a little “chunky.” In reality the opposite is the case; they apply beautifully and have a stunning shimmer to them. I think the swatches speak for themselves:


Here are some swatches with the corresponding shade names:



The staying-power isn’t as great as some of my more high-end palettes. However for the price tag I really can’t complain! The shades do loose a tiny bit of their intensity, however they start to fade only after about 7 hours. Even without a primer nothing settled into my crease.

Chilli Palette

Packaging and shade selection


I like the packaging of the chilli palette even more. The chillies embossed on top are super cute! I also adore the shade selection – a perfect mixture of 9 mattes and 9 shimmer shades. The palette contains a great selection of matte browns and orange shades to use in the crease as transition shades. The chilli palette also offers some super intense shimmer shades that I really adore.


Every single shade in the Chilli Palette is super pigmented. There’s really not one shade that is less pigmented than the others and needs to be built up. Even though they are so intensely pigmented and therefore more on the powdery side, they all blend like a dream even if you get a little too much on the brush.
Some of the shimmers made it into my all time faves. I immediately fell in love with “Scoville”, “Inferno”, “Contest” and Flakes!




In terms of staying-power the same goes for this palette; the eyeshadows do loose a bit of their initial intensity but only after around 7 hours.

Bottom line

The palettes are available on Parfumcity.ch and are currently even on sale for CHF 14.00 (Chilli) and CHF 12.75 (Pizza). What a great deal for 18 high-quality eyeshadows! The great color stories and moreover the amazing quality of almost every single eyeshadow convinced me to buy more of the series for sure!

xoxo justanotherbeautyholic

*Disclaimer: paid partnership with Parfumcity.ch. All opinions are my own! ❤

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