Wetnwild Color Icon 10 Pan “Rosé In The Air” Palette vs. ABH Modern Renaissance Palette – Review with Swatches


I have no idea why it took me so long to get my hands on the ever-so-popular Modern Renaissance Palette but I’m so glad I finally got on the bandwagon! However I’m always ready to find a great dupe.

I fell in love with Wetnwild eyeshadows back when I discovered the original Comfort Zone Palette which was one of the first eyeshadow palettes I ever bought! Good old times. It was high time I tried some of their newer releases. Even at first glance the shades of these two palettes look almost identical. 


Packaging and shade selection

Wetnwild: The palette includes 10 beautiful fall shades. It therefore contains 4 shades less, however every shade in the WetnWild palette has a match and almost all of them are super close dupes! The packaging of the WetnWild palette consists of black plastic with a clear front. It includes neither a mirror nor a brush. For me personally this is no issue whatsoever especially if you take the price into consideration. The palette retails for £3.75 / $4.99 whereas the Modern Renaissance is £43.00 / $42.00. What a huge price difference! 

ABH: The ABH palette contains 14 eyeshadow so it has 4 extra shades compared to Rosé In The Air. Modern Renaissance has a lilac-mauve velvet-feeling cover with a magnetic closure. I personally like the velvet packaging however it gets dirty really easily and is super hard to clean. Unlike the WetnWild Palette it also contains a mirror and even comes with a dual-ended brush. This is to be expected for the huge price tag.

Swatch comparison

I was able to find a matching partner for all 10 shades in the WetnWild Palette.


Let’s have a closer look at the matching shades:



Here is another overview of the dupes:

Wet n Wild – ABH

  • 1 – Warm Taupe
  • 2 – Tempera
  • 3 – Primavera
  • 4 – Buon Fresco
  • 5 – Antique Bronze
  • 6 – Realgar
  • 7 – Red Ochre
  • 8 – Love Letter
  • 9 – Cyprus Umber
  • 10 – Raw Sienna

Unfortunately there is no dupe for these shades:

  • Golden Ochre
  • Vermeer
  • Burt Orange
  • Venetian Red


Wetnwild: The pigmentation really surprised me. Especially the mattes are nicely pigmented. Shade-wise it’s pretty easy to find matching dupes for highend palettes but very rarely are they able to keep up with pigmentation. The Anastasia Palette is more pigmented, however Rosé In The Air comes really close. Compared to the Modern Renaissance Palette the consistency is quite a bit drier, but it applies really evenly and blends nicely nonetheless. The only difference lies in the fact that the WetnWild eyeshows lose quite a bit of intensity while blending. However the Wetnwild eyeshadows are really buildable, which means the application takes a little longer but you almost get the same effect. Only the shade 8 (matching shade to “Love Letter”) took a little more effort.

However magenta shades are know to be pretty hard to produce.

The shimmer shades in the Wetnwild Palette are a little less metallic than the matching shades in the ABH palette. To get the same effect as with the Modern Renaissance Palette, you definitely have to wet your brush or use your finger otherwise it won’t show up as metallic or intense.

So with a little more work you can get an almost identical eyeshadow look!


ABH: The Modern Renaissance Palette is even more pigmented, which can make it a little harder for beginners as you tend to get too much eyeshadow on the brush. If you pay attention to the amount of eyeshadow you use the shades blend effortlessly without losing its intensity. Even the shimmer-shades apply amazingly and have an intense metallic finish. I really have nothing bad to say about the ABH eyeshadows.


Staying Power

Wetnwild: Also the staying power really surprised me because usually the cheaper dupe shades fade after a short amount of time. The WetnWild shades last more than 6 hours without fading!

ABH: The staying power of the Modern Renaissance eyeshadows is incredible! In the evening they looked almost identical to when they were first applied!

Price-Quality Ratio

  Modern Renaissance Rosé In The Air
Price £43.00 / $42.00 £3.75 / $4.99
Number of eyeshadows 14 10
price per eyeshadows £3.07 / $3 £0.38 / $0.5
number of grams per eyeshadow 0.7g 0.85 g
price per gram £4.38 / $4.29 £0.44 / $0.59

One gram of the Modern Renaissance palette is almost as expensive as the whole Rosé In The Air Palette!

In Switzerland the Wetnwild Palette is availble at Parfumcity.ch. At the moment you can get it as part of the MIDNIGHT GODDESS COLLECTION SET. In addition to the palette you’ll receive the Precious Petals Highlighter as well as the MegaLast Lip Color in the shade “Sand Storm” – all beautifully packaged in a cute beauty case – for only CHF 13.50! Would’nt that make a perfect christmas gift?

xoxo justanotherbeautyholic

*Disclaimer: paid partnership with Parfumcity.ch. All opinions are my own! ❤


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