Review with Swatches | The Body Shop: Eye Color Sticks

A few weeks ago I recieved a package by  The Body Shop Switzerland including two of their new Eye Color Sticks. I got Nevada Gold and Siberian Quartz to try and review here on my blog. Thanks again for sending them my way!

In the meantime I’ve tested them thoroughly and I’m finally ready to review them for you!

Let’s get one thing straight right off thbat – I loved these two sticks so much, that I immediately went out to buy the other two sticks in Cyprus Bronze and Cairo Granite. I now have the whole collection to swatch for you!

Let’s have a look about everything in more detail.


I’m a huge fan of eyeshadows in stick form, especially for travelling. Everybody knows the struggles with broken eyeshadows, when carrying them around.
With these Eye Color Sticks you don’t have to worry about them breaking into a million pieces!
The only thing I don’t really like about the packaging is the fact, that some color gets caught at the upper rim of the packaging.
I hope you’ll be able to see what I mean in the next pictures!

However the eyeshadow residues on the packaging can be easily removed with a makeup wipe, so to me that isn’t a real issue at all!
Since you can’t twist the sticks all the way in, you have to be pretty careful when you close them.
As I said before I’ve carried those sticks in my handbag before – the lid sticks on extremely securely, so you definitely don’t have to worry about the cap falling off and ruining your bag!

Also the twist mechanism still works perfectly fine after using it several times.

Color Selection

The range contains four autumn colors, that can be used to create natural eye looks but also more dramatic ones. All four colors contain a beautiful, intense shimmer.

Nevada Goldnevada-gold-swatch
  • gorgeous, warm toned gold
  • contains chunkier glitter particles than the rest of the colors

I personally don’t use this specific color all over the lid, because it is too sparkly for my liking.
Howerver Nevada Gold looks stunning as an inner corner highlight or to accentuate the centre of the eyelid. 

Cyprus Bronzecyprus-bronze-swatch
  • stunning bronze shade
  • no chunky specks of glitter, still  has a gorgeously even sheen to it

Cyprus Bronze is my personal favorite. It’s the perfect color for a super quick smokey eye. Thanks to Cyprus Bronze you’ll be able to do a gorgeous eye look in less than 5 minutes. This specific shade can also be blended into the crease, because it isn’t too sparkly.

siberian-quartz-swatchSiberian Quartz
  • amazing brownish purple color that contains purple and golden specks of glitter
  • perfect for the fall time

Siberian Quartz is a gorgeous and unique color, – I don’t have anything like this in my collection! Looks especially gorgeous in the sunlight!

Cairo Granitecairo-granite-swatch
  • depending on the intensity of the application it can vary from a light grey to a dark black with blueish-silver specks of glitter
  • awesome base to intesify any Smokey Eye Looks

Cairo Granite can turn every eye look into a super intense and seductive smokey eye. This shade can be used on the whole lid for a super dark smokey eye or in combination with other colors to intesify and darken up the look.

Here’s a little overview on all colors.



Look at how gorgeous they look in the sunlight!


The texture is incredibly creamy, which probably has to do with the amazing 100% vegetarian ingredients. The formula is enriched with babassu oil and beeswax, which makes them super blendable without loosing any intensity in color!

You can apply them directly onto the lid, which makes putting them on so much faster and easier. Since the tip is relatively slim, you can also apply it along the lashline to create a gorgeous smuged-liner-look.
Even though the texture is super creamy, it never feels sticky on the lid. As soon as it dries down, the color won’t move – without drying out my eyelids! It’s incredible!


TheBodyShop promises:

“Our Eye Color Sticks are designed to make your natural eye color pop with sparkle that lasts for up to 12 hours!”

And they really didn’t promise too much! If you allow them some time to dry down they are almost completely smudge-proof! I went over the swatches a few times and as you can see in the pictures below, the swatches didn’t smudge at all and only a tiny bit of color got stuck to my finger.

Even when I used my makeup wipes by Balea, I had to go over the swatches several times, to get them off!


To illustrate the longevity even more, I decided to create a really simple Soft-Smokey-Eye-Look for you using Cyprus Bronze and Nevada Gold.

All the products I used:

  • in the crease: Crème brûlée and Barcelona Beach by Makeup Geek
  • on the whole lid: Eye Colour Stick in Cyprus Bronze by TheBodyShop
  • on the centre of the lid and as an inner corner highlight: Eye Colour Stick in Nevada Gold by TheBodyShop
  • mascara: Roller Lash by Benefit
  • eyebrows: Brow Definer by Anastasia Beverly Hills and L’oreal Brow Stylist Plumper on top

In the first picture you can see the eye look right after putting it on at 11.a.m. The second picture shows how well it still held up 12 hours later.
I intentionally used no eyeshadow primer to see how well the sticks perform on their own.
Unfortunately the 2nd picture was taken in bad lighting because it was already dark outside. I hope you’ll still be able to see how amazingly Nevada Gold still sparkles in the centre of the lid and also Cyprus Bronze still looks just as intense as after first applying it.

Value for money

Each stick is priced at $15.00/£8.00, which might be quite expensive at first. But they are incredibly pigmented which means that you won’t use a lot at once.
Each stick contains 0.05 OZ/1.6g. I’ve used Cyprus Bronze almost daily over the last few weeks and there’s still plenty of product left!


I’m a huge fan of these Eye Color Sticks; the colors are gorgeous, they are practical to carry around and they last forever on the lid!

If I had to chose one color only, I’d warmly recommend the shade Cyprus Bronze to everyone! It suits every eye color and you can use it all alone and even blend it into the crease – the fastest and easiest soft smokey eye ever!
That way you can try out the formula for yourself and you’ll probably fall in love with it just as much as I have!

Ps: I totally recommend you check out the Body Shop Love your Body™ Rewards Programm to shop exclusive offers and save some money like I did when I bought Cyprus Bronze and Cairo Granite!

You’ll find the new eyeshadow sticks right here:

US: here
UK: here
Canada: here
Australia: here
South Africa: here
Russia: here
Netherlands: here
Malaysia: here
Italy: here
Finland: here
Greece: here
Hong Kong: here

Happy shopping!

xoxo justanotherbeautyholic

*Disclaimer: Nevada Gold and Siberian Quartz were sent to me for free to review on my blog. Cyprus Bronze and Cairo Granite were purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own! ❤

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