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After being absent on here for so long, I am finally back with a very exciting blogpost! Today we are going to discover Selina Makeup – a brand that is very dear to my heart!
My lovely friend Selina – known as @selinamakeup on Instagram – created her own lipsticks in collaboration with Falconi and I could not be prouder of what she has achieved! 

Selina Makeup x Flaconi – How did this collab come about?

Flaconi are currently extending their makeup range and have set themselves the task of developing new beauty products with the help of selected beauty influencers. So Selina Makeup might just be the beginning! 

With the help of Falconi, Selina’s dream of her own beauty line finally came true. Selina was able to decide on almost everything from the packaging to the shades and also the formulation came out just like she wanted it to be.


The packaging of these lipsticks couldn’t represent Selina in any better way! In my eyes the packaging is absolutely perfect. If you already know Selina’s instagram account, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The dots she uses in the backgrounds of her product shots fed into the packaging perfectly and give it a unique individual touch with a high recognition value.


What I personally like best about the packaging, is the fact that the shade names aren’t only secondary but fully integrated as part of the design.

Way too often so much work is put into the design but the shade names are only put on the actual packaging with a cheap sticker, which will fall off after a short amount of time anyway.


The form of the lipsticks somehow reminds me of the Lippie Stixs by Colourpop . The lipsticks are retractable and really slim. After a couple of uses it obvisouly starts to lose a bit of this shape but even after having used it for more than two months now, it is still precise enough to get a great contour around the lips.



Due to this slim shape you can apply them without having to look for a lipliner. They are actually the perfect combination of a lipstick and lipliner.


Right after application the lipstick feels kind of waxy on the lips. But this feeling disappears immediately. Due to the warmth of the lips it turns into a silky texture.
They are also extremely pigmented – one layer is fully opaque.


Eventough they are really creamy after first application, the finish dries completely matte. However they luckily don’t dry out the lips. You can still rub your lips together, without them sticking together. Because they aren’t drying at all – you almost don’t feel the lipstick on the lips which makes it really comfortable to wear, even after a couple of hours.


Speaking of  “a couple of hours” – I was absolutely surprised by the longevity of these lipsticks. I’m used to super long-wearing liquid lipsticks but was still amazed by these ones. Keeping in mind these are regular lipsticks, they are crazy longlasting. Especially the darker shades almost stay put even while eating. They fade completely evenly and leave an intense stain. That way you can easily reapply a new layer on top if you want to.



Each lipstick contains 1.4g and retails for €12.95.
Compared to for example MAC (3g for €21.50) you get a little less product. But because of the high longevity you will use it up less quickly and we also have to keep in mind that this is a new brand where lots of money went into the development.


Seline decided to create three shades that she loves herself – I love all three of them and also adore the cute names she chose!



Let’s have a look at them in more detail.

In the Mood for Nude


In the Mood for Nude is an amazing (on me rather dark) nude with a warm undertone. I’m sure this shade will look gorgeous on so many people!

Queens Wear Red


Queens Wear Red is a super pretty, really intense red – also with a warm undertone.

Pretty in Pink


Pretty in Pink is a stunning pink berry tone; my personal favorite. When swatching it on my arm it looked a little patchy at first but it doesnt do that on the lips at all.

Heres a litte overview on all shades swatched next to each other:


All three shades are absolutely stunning, and are especially fitting during this time of year, because they are all pretty bright.

Which shade do you like the most and which shades would you like to see from Selina Makeup in the future?

If you want to read a little more about the development history of Selina Makeup click here. (german text)

You can order them directly on!

*They currently ship to Germany, Austria, Finland and Switzerland.

xoxo justanotherbeautyholic

*Disclaimer: PR SAMPLE – The lipsticks were sent to me by & Selina for free to try them and review them on my blog. All opinions are my own! ❤

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