Huda Beauty Dupe? MUR Chocolate Rose Gold vs. Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered

As far as I know, the MUR Chocolate Rose Gold Palette was meant to be a dupe for the original Rose Gold Palette by Huda Beauty. As I don’t own this palette and it is not available anymore I decided to compare it to the new Rose Gold Remastered version. Let’s see how many dupes we can find.  The Chocolate Rose Gold Palette is my first Palette by MakeupRevolution as I was always a little torn and wasn’t sure what to think of the fact that MUR clearly imitate and copy already existing palettes from other brands. As I have always seen lots of amazing reviews about MUR eyeshadow palettes I decided to finally give them a go nonetheless. What is really striking when comparing the two palettes is definitely the huge price difference. I personally really like Huda Beauty eyeshadows but in my opnion they are definitely overpriced. The Huda Palette is exactly $50 more expensive, which is why you obviously can’t expect the same quality. I have to confess that I was really surprised at how good the quality of the MUR palette actually is. Looking at the amount of shades you get for only $15.00/£9.00 is really unbeatable. 


MUR: murpalette I personally really like the packaging of the Chocolate Rose Gold Palette. I love the dripping rose gold chocolate design (eventhough the packaging is highly inspired by Too Faced). What I find really annoying however is the fact that you don’t get the shade names on the actual packaging but only a loose plastic sheet with all the shade names. I’m also not too fond of the plastic applicator.  A huge plus however is the huge and high-quality mirror. The Palette contains 16 shades in total, 8 being matte. It therefore contains 2 shadows less than the Huda Beauty Palette – one of it being a black eyeshadow. I personally love it when palettes contain a black eyeshadow – however that is not a must for many people. HUDA: hudapalette I absolutely adore the packaging of the Rose Gold Remastered Palette. It looks a lot more high-quality which is to be expected for that price. The outer packaging showcases Huda’s favorite look surrounded by beautiful roses. Parts of the packaging are reflective depending on the angle. I love that detail. The palette contains 8 mattes, 8 melted metals, a black wet & dry shade, and a pressed pearls eyeshadow.

Shade comparison

As you can see, I was able to find 11 matching shades when swatching the two palettes next to each other. The shades are not identical but in my opinion they are definitely close enough to be called a dupe!


MUR: The matte shades are really pigmented, some need to be built up which works perfectly fine tough. I personally even prefer shadows that aren’t overly pigmented as they tend to be harder to work with. The shadows are a tiny bit powdery but still don’t have a lot of fallout.
The shimmers actually surprised me the most. At first glance they look pretty chunky in the pans. However (apart from ‘Luxe’ – I don’t like this shade) they apply creamy and look stunning on the lid.

HUDA: If you look at the swatches closely you can see that some of the mattes look quite patchy. However when applying them onto the lid, they blend absolutely beautifully. Eventough they are really pigmented they apply and blend perfectly fine. The Wet & Dry shade ‘Black Truffle’ can also be applied wet to use it as a dramatic eyeliner.
I was surprised at how well you can apply the Melted Metal Textured Shadows with a brush as I usually always use my fingers. The quality of the metals is amazing; they look and feel quite wet and are therefore really creamy to apply. I mostly use the Pressed Pearl shade ‘Moondust’ as a Highlighter and I love it. The shade looks really natural!

Staying Power

MUR: The eyeshadows fade slightly throughout the day. However the fading starts only after about seven hours which is why I would still consider the staying power to be pretty decent. Eventough I never used a primer I never had any issues with creasing. HUDA: The eyeshadows stay put the whole day without fading. With these eyeshadows there is definitely no touch-up needed.

Price-Quality Ratio

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered Makeup Revolution Chocolate Rose Gold
Price $65.00/£56.00 (CHF 79.90 at Manor) $15.00/£9.00 (CHF 15.00 on parfumcity)
Number of eyeshadows 18 16
price per eyeshadow $3.60 / £3.10 CHF 4.45 $0.95 / £0.55 CHF 0.95
number of grams per eyeshadow 0,9 g 14 x 1,22 g / 2 x 2.44 g
price per gram $3.90 / £3.40 CHF 4.80 $0.70 / £0.40 CHF 0.70
Due to the many similarities (shade and quality wise) and the huge price difference I definitely think that the MUR Palette is an amazing dupe for the Huda Palette. If you compare the price and quality you immediately realize that the Chocolate Rose Gold palette is totally worth getting! Did the MUR Palette spark your interest? In Switzerland you can get the Chocolate Rose Gold Palette at Good news: The Palette is currently even on sale for CHF 12.75  – so run, don’t walk! Do you want to see more MUR-Dupe posts? Let me know in the comments down below! xoxo justanotherbeautyholic *Disclaimer: paid partnership with All opinions are my own! ❤


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