Dupe Alert! | KKW x Mario Palette vs. Nabla Single Eyeshadows


I can’t believe this is my first blogpost about anything from Nabla as I have loved their eyeshadows (and many other things) ever since they came out with their Freedomination Collection!

So here is my take on the famous KKW x Mario Palette by KKW Beauty using only Nabla eyeshadows!

As you will see in the swatches below – some of these shades are not exact dupes.
I have been absolutely loving the Nabla eyeshadows lately which is why I decided to only look for dupes within the Nabla shade range. The shades you are going to see in a minute were the closest matches I could find!

Keep in mind –  buying all the singles individually will be more expensive than buying the KKW palette! This post is meant for those who have been eyeing certain shades and don’t want to splurge on the whole palette.

Let’s have a closer look at the dupes I found:

KKW vs. Nabla

2008 vs. Atom

Glam vs. Sandy

Miami vs. Caramel

Armenian vs. Cleo

Loyalty vs. Camelot

Decade vs. Antique White

Albanian vs. Petra

Vegas vs. Daphne N°2

Libra vs. Eternity

Bronzy vs. Rust


And here they are swatched side by side:


You can buy the Nabla eyeshadows right here!

The singles retail for €6.50 to €9.90 depending on the finish.

Prefer the whole palette in one? Get the KKW palette here!

I hope this was helpful – see you next time!


xoxo justanotherbeautyholic


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