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To be completely honest with you I haven’t really been into skincare up to pretty recently. Shame on me – I know!

But when the Korean Skincare Hype finally reached Switzerland I got super excited to  try some new products. Korean Skincare products are so much more fun; in so many ways! The packaging is a lot cooler and even applying the products is fun!

As the hype grew more and more swiss online shops started selling Korean Skincare products. So what distinguishes The Curated Skin from other online shops?

The Curated Skin

The company was launched in December 2016 with the goal of creating a platform for all Swiss beauty junkies who want the best and newest from the international cosmetic market (therefore not only Korean Skincare).
As the name indicates they are a Curated Skin Care Shop – the first one in Switzerland.
But what does that mean?
They actually do a curation every 3 to 4 months. That means that the team behind the Curated Skin constantly search, select and test products and after their meticulous curation process they add one exclusive brand to their portfolio.

So what exactly does the team behind The Curated Skin do during this curation process?

  1. they actively search high quality and innovative cult products all over the world
  2. they then check the brand philosophy & focus on the company behind the products
  3. they also thoroughly check the active and potentially harmful ingredients in each product
  4. they read reviews, ask estheticians about their opinion & look at social media resonance
  5. finally they test the effectiveness of the product on their own 

The Curated Skin will bring you brands you probably never heard of before – or did but weren’t able to order anywhere in Europe. They currently carry the following 5 brands; J.One, Yonelle, Victoria Soap, o.Moi and COSRX.

Their page (https://www.thecurated-skin.com) is set up really nicely and easy to navigate. You can either search for products by brands or based on your skin type or skin concern.

The Curated Skin gave me the opportunity to try out three (fairly hyped) products by the brand J.One Cosmetics, so let’s have a look at my verdict.

J.One Cosmetics

Let me give you a little overview on the brand itself first.

J.One Cosmetics was founded by the stunning South Korean actress Ha Ji Won in 2015. Her goal was to not only create skincare infused with the highest quality ingredients but to also simplify your skincare routine.
When I heard that, I was already sold because I’m pretty lazy when it comes to skincare.

Jelly Pack Luminous Mask (2-step mask)

I know I just stated that I’ve never really been into skincare before, which is true – BUT I’ve always loved to put on face masks. So let’s start with this little gem!

As a first step you use the black sheet mask. The mask being black made the experience 10 times cooler as I’ve never used a black sheet mask before! This little guy is the perfect treatment if you feel super tired and your skin needs that extra glow!
The mask is actually really nicely saturated so it had enough liquid for me to also put on my neck and arms! After leaving the mask on for about 20 minutes my skin felt sooo smooth and hydrated!

In fact my skin felt as if I just had an extremely nice facial! This mask is definitely a big winner in my book!

The other great part is that this mask consists of two products. Step two is a little sample size of the famous Jelly Pack. Buying the Jelly Pack Luminous Mask is therefore a great option to also try the Jelly Pack to see if you like it.
Because it is labeled as a 2-step mask I decided to use the Jelly Pack right after I took off the sheet mask. For me personally using these two in combination was way too intense as the sheet mask is extremely nourishing on its own!

I actually prefer the Jelly Pack as a primer instead of a hydrating mask anyway but let me go into more details on the Jelly Pack in a few seconds.

Some facts:

  •  price: one mask for 8 CHF or a pack of 5 masks for 35 CHF
  • 2 steps including a hydrating sheet mask & the famous Jelly Pack
  • deeply nourishes skin and leaves it super smooth


Jelly Pack – firming and pore-smoothing “gel-like” mask


Now let’s go into more details about the Jelly Pack (which is also incluced in the 2-step mask as a little sample to try)

To be honest with you – the first time I used it; I totally HATED it! It feels extremely (EX-TREM-ELY) sticky on your face; especially if you apply it the wrong way like I did. First of all I applied way too much and I tried to rub it into the skin like a hydrating mask or a moisturizer. I did not absorb and left an extremely uncomfortable, sticky feeling on my face – I had to immediately wash it off!
Since it had so many great reviews I did a little more research on it and gave it a second chance. I realized that you have to use only a little amount and it is super important to pat it in with your fingers until it is completely absorbed. At least that was the way of application that worked best for me.
I’m still not the biggest fan of it when I use it as a mask (the only way I use it as a mask is right before I go to bed- so the stickiness won’t bother me) – BUT if you once try it as a primer; I’m sure you’ll absolutely fall in love with the Jelly Pack!

It gives you an instant face lift and I really mean that – you will instantly see a difference. It maskes the skin look and also feel extremely firm (that’s probably why it has to be this sticky).

When I first heard that it was a great primer I was sceptical how it would react with my foundation as this product is SO sticky (wow – how many times can I use the word sticky in such a short amount of time lol).
I thought that it would make my foundation go on patchy but it actually goes on perfecly fine – I can’t explain why. I tried it with lots of different foundations with different finishes and it didn’t mess with any of them!

If I apply foundation on top I can’t feel the stickiness on my face anymore – everything feels completely normal.

I have to say – this is definitely a product you will have to get used to. At least for me it definitely wasn’t love at first sight but now I’m deeply in love with the Jelly Pack. Especially on super hot summer days, no other primer can prolong the wear of my makeup like this little guy can!

I suggest you buy the Jelly Pack Luminous Mask first and use the Jelly Pack-part separately as a primer and see if you like it!

Some facts:

  •  price: 42 CHF
  • works amazingly as a primer
  • instant face lift in a bottle
  • formulated without: parabens, ethyl alcohol, perfume

Hana Cream – Anti wrinkle moisturizer for dry skin

This is by far the coolest, most fun to use and most innovative skincare item I have ever used.

It is actually portioned out in little beads – one bead is enough for one application. I love the idea behind that because I never know how much product to use and end up with way too much on my face. In addition to that it is also very hygienic because it comes with a spatula to take out each bead.
The Hana Cream contains lots of high quality ingredients – for example fullerene – a nobel- prize winner ingredient – which is said to be 172 more effective than Vitamin C!

I love to use it as my nightime moisturizer as it is extremely rich. Everytime I get up, my skin feels really smooth and extremely hydrated. And the best part is – even if I only get a few hours of sleep my skin looks fresh and never dull.

Some facts:

  •  price: 51 CHF for 40g or 5 CHF for a little sample size to try out (2.4g)
  • portioned out in little beads
  • leaves the skin extremely hydrated and smooth
  • formulated without parabens

All in all I’m extremely happy with the products I tried from J.One Cosmetics. They are clearly on the more expensive side, but you definitely get what you pay for – high quality products that work extremely effectively! And the great thing about The Curated Skin is that they offer little sample sizes of some of their products! That way you don’t have to commit to the full size (and spending lots of money) initially!
I’m definitely excited to try other products by J.One!

Where can you get J.One Cosmetics?

Switzerland: The Curated Skin

International: J.OneSephoraCult BeautyGlow RecipeSKINiD

Have you tried anything by J.One Cosmetics or is there another Korean Skincare Brand that you can recommend? Let me know in the comments down below!

xoxo justanotherbeautyholic

*Disclaimer: All 3 products were sent to me for free to review on my blog, thanks again to The Curated Skin for sending them my way. All opinions are my own! ❤






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