New Brand Discovery | D.Benoît Cosmetics – First Impression/ Review with Swatches!

How did I discover D.Benoît?

I actually discovered this brand through Ela from Shopaholicsworld! She had some gorgeous lipswatches on her Instagram so I immediately had a look at their website.

Some facts about the brand

  • based in California
  • D. Benoit’s products are sourced, manufactured and made in the US
  • high-end quality at an affordable price
  • completely cruelty-free
  • some products are vegan
  • worldwide shipping

–> Read more here

What products do they offer?

  • “100% Smudge-Proof Ultra Matte Lip Colour” Liquid Lipsticks:
    ultra matte formula
    , currently 17 different shades including some beautiful Metallics (also smudge-proof!), lasts up to 18h, $18 ($23.28 CAD/£13.60 GBP/$23.65 AUD)
  • Lux Lip Crèmes:
    currently 14 different shades, creamy formula that helps soften your lips, full coverage with brilliant color, $19 ($24.57 CAD/ £14.35 GBP/ $24.97 AUD)
  • Radiant Shine Lip Glazes:
    radiant shine finish, keeps lips moisturized, 3 finishes: Sheer, Opaque and Shimmer,
    14 shades, $18 ($23.28 CAD/£13.60 GBP/$23.65 AUD)
  • Sugar Pouts Lip Scrubs:
    4 different flavors: Strawberry Tarte, Chocolate Indulgence, French Buttercream and Just Watermelon, eliminates dry, flaky skin$15 ($19.40 CAD/ £11.33 GBP/$19.71 AUD)
  • Lumière Baked Bronzers:
    3 shades: Baked Gold, Bronzed, Morning Glow
    luminous, radiant glow with a soft dewy finish, $19 ($24.57 CAD/ £14.35 GBP/ $24.97 AUD)

  • COMING SOON: Lipsticks


What was the ordering experience like?

The website is set-up really professionally and everything worked fine. I immediately received a confirmation email for my order. Once it shipped I got another email with all the tracking information. The shipping to Switzerland only took about 10 days which is pretty fast!

What did I pick up?

As you may know I’m a huge lover of liquid lipsticks so I was immediately drawn to their “100% Smudge-Proof Ultra Matte Lip Colour” range. I’m also all about nude lips so I ordered the colors “Janine” and “Perfection II“.
I wanted to order way more colors because they are honestly all so beautiful but I had to contain myself.

Since I also love the look of bronzed, glowy skin and wanted to try something I haven’t heard anyone speak about, I also picked up one of their bronzers in “Morning Glow“.
I actually also wanted to pick up their Chocolate Lip Scrub but it was sold out.

Now let’s finally have a closer look at the products I ordered!


Ultra Matte Lip Colour in “Janine”

  • created in collaboration with Janine (theamazingworldofj)
  • gorgeous pinky nude color
  • perfect for everyday wear


Ultra Matte Lip Colour in “Perfection II”

  • slightly darker nude (at least on my pale skin)
  • great nude color
  • also perfect for everyday wear


Comparison Swatches 


First Impression:

I love the formula! It totally lives up to its promises!
Well, to be completely honest, at first I made the mistake of applying too much product and was pretty upset because it started to crumble after a short amount of time.
I was really disappointed but wanted to give it another shot so I had a look at the instructions online.

I immediately realized what my mistake was, because the first thing I read was:

Be sure to apply a thin, even layer. If too much product is applied it will not dry properly and may flake or crumble. Do not apply to dry and or cracked lips.

The directions also say to first exfoliate your lips, to then apply a lip balm and finally blot off the excess moisture. That way you will get the best results.
I did all that and tried it again – lo and behold, my lips looked amazing.
It is REALLY important to apply a thin layer – but if you do, the formula is completely smudge-proof and lasts a really long time. Another big plus is, that the formula is not drying!
I don’t know about the “up to 18 hours” claim though because I will probably never ever wear it for that long.
But it definitely holds up very well even while eating (if you avoid super oily foods) which is a huge plus for me.

Lumière Baked Bronzer in “Morning Glow”


First Impression:

I honestly have nothing negative to say about this product, I love this bronzer already!

  • the formula is super blendable
  • buttery texture
  • even on my pale skin tone it’s not too orange
  • it gives the skin a luminous glow without being glittery
  • stays on the skin the whole day


I’m super happy with the three products I ordered, my first experience with D.Benoît could not have been any better! I highly recommend ordering from them!

Where can I order from?

Ps: Don’t forget to use the code “SHOPAHOLICS30” by my lovely Shopaholicsworld! (only valid until the end of August -hurry up!)
Unfortunately some of the products are sold out at the moment, but there will be a big restock in about 4 weeks!

xoxo justanotherbeautyholic

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