Dupe Alert! | MÄC Soft & Gentle vs e.l.f. Pinktastic; Swatches & a Mini-Review


MÄC Soft & Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish vs e.l.f. Baked Blush in Pinktastic



Somehow, when you look at them in the pan, they don’t look similar at all.

Pinktastic looks a lot lighter and more pinkish, whereas Soft & Gentle looks a lot darker and more of a bronze toned peach.

However if you swatch them and apply the shades directly to your face, they look absolutely identical! I cannot tell difference at all!

Is it just me or do they really look identical? Let’s have a look at an armswatch comparison!


Let’s have a guess, which is which? Well..


The top one is by MÄC and the bottom one is by e.l.f.! To me they are definitely identical shade dupes!

Let’s have a look at them in action as well!

Price for value

Net Weight                                                 Price:

MÄC: 0.35 OZ/1og                                 MÄC: $33/£24.00
e.l.f.:  0.18 OZ/5.2g                                    e.l.f.: £3/

Even though Soft and Gentle contains almost double the amount of the e.l.f one, it’s still a lot more expensive if you do the math. Pinktastic is just a fraction of the price and has definitely the better value!


They both feel the same! They are super buttery and really easy to apply and blend!


Surprisingly Pinktastic is even a tiny bit more pigmented!


I did a wear test and put Soft and Gentle on one side and Pinktastic on the other and wore them for a whole day. They both held up just as well and didn’t fade at all! Really impressed with the longevity of both of them!


Usually that’s the category where the higher-end brand clearly wins. In this case it’s not a clear win for me. The MÄC one does definitely feel heaver and therefore more “luxurious” but if you look at them side by side the packaging is pretty similar and there’s nothing special about the packaging.

Final Verdict

Pinktastic is definitely an amzing dupe for Soft and Gentle! If you wanted to try Soft and Gentle but don’t want to spend the money I definitely recommend you to get your hands on Pinktastic!

Where can I get it?




xoxo justanotherbeautyholic

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