New Brand Discovery | Deborah Milano; Dream Look Mascara, Perfect Smokey Eye Palette, 24 Ore Long Lasting Eyepencil & 24 Ore Extra Eyeliner Pen

I’ve discovered the brand Deborah Milano a few years ago when I was on holiday in Italy, but unfortunately back then I didn’t have enough time to have a closer look at the products or even swatch anything.

That’s why I was super happy when I found the brand at Parfum City (which is a Swiss Oline Store).

I’ve chosen the following 4 products to create a warm toned “autumn inspired” look to get a first impression of the brand!

Dream Look Mascara

Deborah Milano promises:

“False Lash Effect Mascara with volumizing, curling and lengthening fibers & argan oil.”

To add the desired lenght and volume, this mascara contains little fibers that adhere to the lashes. Eventough I have really sensitive eyes – that tend to get watery really quickly – I didn’t have any issues with these fibers. They adhere to the lashes perfectly all day long so that the fibers don’t end up in your eyes.

The mascara contains a plastic wand, which seperates the lashes wonderfully. If you look at the pictures really closely, you’ll be able to see the fibers.

Let’s have a look at the 3 promises one by one – comparing before and after pictures.


I’m absolutely in love with the outcome! I have to say that my lashes are naturally pretty long but with this mascara they almost reach my eyebrows which isn’t the case with other mascaras.
The fibers add incredible lenght to the lashes, they definitely didn’t promise too much!


The lashes get perfectly seperated, but I wouldn’t recommend to add more than 2 coats because the lashes get extremely clumpy really easily.
I have to admit that I have other mascaras that give me more volume, but I’m still happy with the effect this mascara gives to my lahes.
I guess this mascara is specifically suited toward those who look for longer, more defined lashes.


In the beginning, the lashes get wonderfully curled, but unforntunately they don’t hold the curl. Probably that just has to do with my lashes, because they rarely ever hold a curl!
You’ll see how well the mascara held up at the end of this post.

If you’re looking for longer lashes, you’ll definitely love the Dream Look Mascara! It seperates the lashes beautifully, gives them some volume and adds a crazy amount of length!

  • $13
  • 12 ml
  • contains Fibers & Argan Oil
  • life period: 6 months

Perfect Smokey Eye Eyeshadow Palette in “01 Bronze” 

The palette contains 5 beautiful autumn colors, that are perfectly coordinated. On the back you’ll even find a mini tutorial on an easy eye look.
I personally miss a matte transition color because I always put a matte color in my crease to blend all the colors and get a nice transition.
So I usually prefer palettes that contain a mix of shimmery and mattes shades, that way I can take the palette on holiday without having to think of other eyeshadows to take with me!

However the pigmentation is absolutely incredible and all of the shades are super intense and beautiful shimmers!


The lightest color (bottom) is almost translucent on my super pale skin! All of the other shades are stunning though.

Here’s a short video to demonstrate how pretty they look in the sunlight.

  • price: 13$
  • 5 super pigmented shades
  • contains 5g
  • life period: 12 months

Autumn inspired Eye Look

smokey-palette-how-toAs I mentioned above, the back contains a little tutorial on an Eye Look using all the colors. Since I wanted to try all the shades, I decided to recreate this look.
1. Step One: Use the lightest color as a browbone and inner corner highlight.
As you can see in the swatches, my skin is unfortunately so pale that this shade doesn’t really show up on my skintone.
2. Step Two:
Time to place the second lightest (golden) shade on the whole lid.
3. Step Three: As a third step you place the coppery brown shade on the centre of the lid and also blend the 2nd darkest color into the outer part of your crease.
4. Step Four: Finally as a last step – blend the darkest shade along the lower lashline.

On the waterline I used the 24 Ore Kajal and I used the 24 Ore Extra Slim Felt Tip Eyeliner Pen to do my wing.

Deborah Milano 24 Ore Long Lasting Eyepencil in the shade “254”

The shade “254” is a gorgeous cool toned dark brown (upper swatch).
However the kajal is really stiff and uncomfortable to put on and totally poked my eye.
Nonetheless the color payoff is amazing! It doesn’t last 24 hours tough, on my waterline it completely disappeared after a few hours. That’s why this kajal doesn’t make it into my favorite products, eventough I like the color a lot!

  • price: 5$
  • life period: 36 months

24 Ore Extra Slim Felt Tip Eyeliner Pen

According to Deborah Milano the eyeliner should be super long-lasting (24h) and also be very precise and therefore easy to work with. I totally agree with all of these claims. The color still looks extremely intense at the end of the day! Furthermore it claims to be
“water resistant”, so it isn’t completely water-proof but even after I went over the swatch with soap some color was still left. (2nd picture)

My eyes get watery really easily, but this eyeliner stayed on all day! I’m asolutely in love with it and will definitely add it to my daily routine.

  • price: 9.50$
  • no transfer
  • life period: 6 months

Back to the eyeshadow palette:

I love the eye look and the combination of the colors in the palette! Because I was missing a matte transition shade, I went over the crease with “Barcelona Beach” by Makeup Geek to further blend the colors.

All of the shades are stunning, super pigmented and really blendable.
The only downside I noticed is that you have to pay attention to not blend too much as the eyeshadows then start to disappear. In the end I had to go over the center of the lid to add the color back on there.
However the eyeshadows are buttery and the fallout is only minimal, eventough they can get a litte powdery.
What surprised me the most was definitely the longevity!
I purposely didn’t use an eyeshadow base to see how well they would last.

Let’s have a look at some before and after pictures:

The light conditions differ a little because I had to take the “after-pictures” in the bathroom as it was already dark outside.
However you can definitely see how pigmented and intense the eyeshadows still were at the end of the day.
The kajal on the waterline however was completely gone. It definitely doesn’t last 24 hours as promised. But I have never actually found one that does last on my waterline for that long!
(What’s your favorite long-lasting kajal for the waterline? Let me know in the comments down below!!)
Another new favorite is definitely the liquid eyeliner! The color was just as dark & intense when I went to take it off as it was right after I applied it! I’m absolutely obsessed with it!

All in all (looking at the products I have tried so far) Deborah Milano has definitely become one of my new favorite affordable brands and I want to try more of their products!
The prices you pay are amazing -especially if you consider the great quality you are getting!
I especially recommend the liquid eyeliner & the mascara as they worked amazingly for me!

Have you tried anything from this brand before? Do you have any recommendations?
Let me know in the comments down below!

xoxo justanotherbeautyholic

*Disclaimer: The products were sent to me for free to review on my blog. Thanks again for sending them my way! All opinions are my own! ❤

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