Kiko Milano x Lovegrove Wanderlust Limited Edition | Mirage Lip Stylos – Swatches of all 16 colors!

Since I own the whole range of the Mirage Lip Stylos I thought it might be helpful to swatch them all, so here we go!

If you want to read a review about them first, check out my latest post here!
Kiko Milano originally released 8 shades including a wide selection of colors.

I was actually super confused when I read the shades numbers for the first time. They released the numbers 01, 03, 07, 08, 10, 11, 14 and 16.

The original bundle included lots of dark colors and reds but was definitely lacking some fun, bright pinks and corals for spring and summer.

kiko swatch new

swatches of the original 8 shades

Because of the strange shade numbers, I immediately thought that they might add some brighter, more summery colors to their collection later on. Turns out I was right because about 3 weeks ago, they added 8 more shades.

Kiko added the numbers 02, 04, 05, 06, 09, 12, 13 and 15. As you can see these colors are a lot brighter! I love them, they are perfect for Spring and Summer!

kiko swatch 10_Fneww

They now definitely offer an amazing shade range! I wish they would add the shade names on the stickers on the bottom of the lipsticks. Unfortunately you can only find the corresponding names on their website!

kiko swatches 3

Let’s have a closer look at each color!

kiko swatch 2

Swatches of Canyon Rose, Sun Bleached Nude, Fired Earth Pink & Far Away Coral

kiko swatch 11

Swatches of Desire Strawberry, Lost in Red, Traveller Raspberry & let’s be Cherry

kiko swatches 32.jpg

Swatches of Wanderlove Magenta, Adventourous Wine, Soul Blackcurrant & Neverending Fuchsia

kiko swatch 4

Swatches of Wanderer Hot Pink, Bohemian Sienna, Scarlet Story & Elderberry Spirit

Because it might be easier to see similarities and differences I also swatched them in color categories for you. This will hopefully make your decisions easier. So lets have a look at them in more detail! I’m not the best at describing color, but I’m going to try my best! 🙂
Lets start with the nudes!

kiko 1

The Nudes

I love that none of them is a super pale nude, they are both very wearable.

  • “01-Canyon Rose” is my favorite and most worn out of all the 16 shades. It’s a super pretty dusty pink, perfect for every day. On me it’s the perfect “my lips but better” shade.
  • “02-Sun bleached nude” is a very warm toned browny nude. In my opinion it would look especially great on woman of color!
kiko corals

The Corals

  • “03- Fired Earth Pink” is an toned down orangy pink color with a slightly brown undertone. It’s really unique and perfect for the summer time.
  • “04- Far Away Coral” is a really bright coral (almost neon) with a pink undertone. It also contains tiny little golden specks of glitter. You can’t really tell but it somehow gives the lipstick an awesome twist.
kiko reds

The Reds

  • “05- Desire Strawberry” is a beautiful red with a pink undertone. This one also contains little pink & purple glitters which gives it an iridescent glow – really unique color!
  • “06-Lost In Red” is a true red with a rather warm undertone.
  • “07” Traveller Raspberry” is another shade that does contain glitter. Gorgeous iridescent red.
  • “15-Scarlet Story” is a deep blood red shade.
kiko bright.jpg

The bright ones

  • “13- Wanderer Hot Pink” is -as the name suggests- a really hot pink. The perfect shade for Summer & Spring!
  • “12- Neverending Fuchsia”- another great bright color for Summer & Spring!
  • “09- Wanderlove Magenta- the perfect magenta shade, another one of my faves!
  • “11-Soul Blackcurrant” – great wearable plum shade!
kiko mauves

The Mauves

  • “14- Bohemian Sienna” has to be one of my faves its a really toned down reddish mauve.
  • “10- Adventurous Wine” is a dark mauve with a slightly pink undertone.
  • “16- Elderberry Spirit” is the darkest one of them all – a gorgeous deep wine color!

Need another overview? Here you go!

A last one? Alright we’re done!

kiko last.jpg

Which color is your favorite?
Also… Do you want me to do lip swatches as well? Please let me know in the comments down below!

Happy shopping!

US: get them here (the 8 new shades are not (yet) available)
UK: get them here

xoxo Justanotherbeautyholic

6 thoughts on “Kiko Milano x Lovegrove Wanderlust Limited Edition | Mirage Lip Stylos – Swatches of all 16 colors!

  1. 1,11,12,9 & 13 are my favourites 😀 Your swatches are so great & it will be easier to pick the shades I love from their web shop.
    Yes to lip swatches. And I was wondering if you tried their new DD cream from the same collection?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay! Glad it helped! 🙂 Thanks so much for your feedback, I’ll definitely start working on lip swatches soon! 🙂 I haven’t tried it yet but I heard great things about it, I’ll probably end up getting it soon 😀 I just hope there will be a color light enough for me, because I’m really pale 🙂


      • If you buy it please share 😀 I love their liquid skin foundation & hope this dd cream will be even better


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